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Svenska Vinthundklubben Södra avdelningen inbjuder till officiell utställning i Hässleholm lördagen den 18 maj 2019

Hässleholmsgården i Hässleholm, Hovdalavägen 303

Roberto Posa, Schweiz - Whippet och Skotsk Hjorthund
Darko Petreski, Kroatien - Saluki och Afghanhund
Michael Western, Storbritannien - Irländsk varghund, Borzoi och Greyhound
Marie-Josée Melchior, Luxemburg - Galgo Espanol, Italiensk Vinthund, Faraohund, Magyar Agar, Chart Polski, Sloughi, Azawakh, Cirneco dell´Etna, Podengo Portugues, Podenco Ibicenco och Podenco Canario 

Vi förbehåller oss rätten att ändra om raserna ifall någon domare får för många anmälningar.

Valpklass 4-6 månader 190:-
Valpklass 6-9 månader 190:-
Juniorklass 9-18 månader 290:-
Unghundsklass 15-24 månader 290:-
Bruksklass > 15 månader 290:-
Öppenklass > 15 månader 290:-
Championklass 270:-
Veteranklass 8-10 år 240:-
Veteranklass > 10 år GRATIS

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Christina Gustafsson 073-844 63 03 och Annelie Månsson 070-316 91 64
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Varmt välkomna!
Styrelsen i Vinthundklubben Södra avdelningen

Sista anmälnings- och betalningsdag: måndag 29 april 2019

Darko Petreski, Kroatien
I was born in 1966, in Zagreb, Croatia. 
I started breeding Afghan hounds in1988 when I got my first dog from the famous Swiss kennel “Chandigarh”. This dog has had a significant influence on my vision of the breed and my breeding; attitude, body carriage, posture, movement and fine points which are so vital to me. Since 1993, I have bred many champions from many litters of Afghan Hounds under the kennel name “Celestian”. Celestian Afghans got their champion titles in many European countries and America, too.
We have also introduced Salukis to our breeding since 2011 and bred several champions. In 1993, I became a show dog judge for the 10th FCI group, and I have been dedicated to this group since. I have judged many shows, mostly specialty sighthound shows, in Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Spain and Russia) and the USA, which is a great pleasure to me.

Marie-Josée Melchior, Luxemburg
Since my youngest childhood, we had always had dogs in our house. In 1978, my husband and I bought our first own dogs. It was a fawn Great Dane female and a black Dobermann female, which we showed at many shows. In the following years we bred a few litters. Because of the dog shows, I got very interested in anatomy and movement of the dogs. In 1990, I became a judge, starting with our own two breeds. Being interested in all dog breeds, I started to study for more and more breeds over the years. So by this way, I also started with the sighthounds.
I like very much the temperament of the sighthounds which can be very active, and at the other side so calm. Meanwhile I am an allround judge and I like every breed for his individuality. I say thank you for the invitation to this show and hope that we will spend a fantastic day. Not every dog can win, but at the end of the day every single dog should be the winner of the heart for his owner.

Michael Western, Storbritannien
I was born into a true showing family, my parents and grandparents showing cattle, sheep, horses, poultry and of course dogs.
I started showing dogs properly at 7 years old, handling my parents labrador retrievers. At 15 i was allowed to choose my own breed. I chose what would be the love of my life, a borzoi.
That was 30 years ago, I still keep them from the same original bloodline, making up champions both in Ireland and the UK along with the coveted international title holders.
Through the years I have also bred or owned champion salukis, whippets and boston terriers.

Roberto Posa, Schweiz
I was licensed to judge my first two sighthound breeds - afghans and salukis - in the early eighties. At that time I have had a few afghans and 3 salukis.
A few years later I became also a special judge for Greyhounds. I had my first rescue greyhound at very young age. He was a black male with the softest temperament ever.
Another few years later I became a group judge for group ten including the few primitive sighthound breeds, which are in group five.
I have since judged in almost all European countries, in the USA and Australia.
During the last 40 years I have bred a few litters of afghans, greyhounds and whippets, all under the prefix Karkati. All our dogs at home have been shown with success and have become champions, some with 8-10 champion titles.
Years go by and some friends come and go but the dogs are the consistent companions living with us. At the moment the group has reached the maximum number of 10 dogs, from puppy age to the veterans over 10 and 11 years old. Afghans, 3 generation of Greyhounds and two generations of Whippets, a shorthair pointer and a miniature dachshund.