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Svenska Vinthundklubben södra avdelningen inbjuder till officiell utställning i Lund lördagen den 9 september 2017

Utställningen kommer att hållas på Lunds Brukshundsklubb strax utanför Lund.

Ben Reynolds Frost, England: Whippet
Ruth Wagner, Luxemburg: Magyar Agar, Borzoi, Irländsk varghund, Sloughi, Chart Polski, Azawakh
Mikael Nilsson, Sverige: Saluki och Afghanhud
Gabriele Schröter, Tyskland: Skotsk hjorthund, Greyhound, Galgo Espanol, Italiensk vinthund, Farao, Cirneco dell´Etna, Podengo Portugues, Podenco Ibicenco, Podenco Canario
Vi förbehåller oss rätten att ändra om raserna ifall någon domare får för många anmälningar.

Valpklass 4-6 månader 170:-
Valpklass 6-9 månader 170:-
Juniorklass 9-18 månader 270:-
Unghundsklass 15-24 månader 270:-
Bruksklass > 15 månader 270:-
Öppenklass > 15 månader 270:-
Championklass > 15 månader 250:-
Veteranklass 8-10 år 220:-
Veteranklass > 10 år gratis

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Anmälan är bindande och räknas som mottagen först när ni erhållit bekräftelse i retur, i annat fall är anmälan inte inkommen. Samtliga uppgifter om hund och ägare ska vara ifyllda i anmälan. För sent inkommen anmälan och/eller anmälningsavgift kommer inte att beaktas. Telefonanmälningar mottages ej, men vi hjälper dig gärna om du är osäker. Det går även att skicka anmälan via post till Annelie Månsson, Välinge Kyrkväg 9, 262 92 Ängelholm.

Betalning till vårt Plusgiro 435 01 56-8, ange hundens namn, registreringsnummer och ras. Utländska utställare kan betala på plats. Anmälan som inte följs av betalning kommer inte att beaktas. Barn med hund och parklass kommer att hållas och anmäls på plats.

Krav för deltagande
Vaccination enligt SKK:s championats- och utställningsbestämmelser. För deltagande i officiell klass krävs att samtliga ägare till svensk hund är medlemmar i SvVK. Detta gäller inte valpklasserna som är inofficiella. För utlandsregistrerade hundar inskickas alltid kopia på originalstamtavlan.

Christina Gustafsson 073-844 63 03 och Annelie Månsson 070-316 91 64.
Varmt välkomna och stort lycka till!

Sista anmälnings- och betalningsdag 14/8 2017 kl 24.00

Ben Reynolds-Frost – England
Ben’s principle breed is Whippets but has made up Champions in Basenji and Ibizan Hounds.
Ben has been judging since 1972 and has been awarding CCs since 1976 and to date awards 33 CCs across six of the seven UK groups. He is past for all sight hounds. He is past by the Kennel Club to do the Hound and Working groups plus Best in Show.
He has travelled to many parts of the world including USA, Australia and many countries in Europe. He is looking forward to judging next year in Barbados.
His highest achievement in his judging career was the Hound Group at CRUFTS in 2013, and a very close second was Best in Show at Windsor Ch Show in 2016.
Ben’s main interests are gardening, jigsaw puzzles and classical music.

Ruth Wagner - Luxemburg
Since always, I have been living with Collies. I even trained one Collie, bred by myself, as a Schutzhund.
In 1989, I started breeding Collies and Shelties under the kennel name of "von den Garnicher Eichen". The kennel "von den Garnicher Eichen" became famous on an international scale because of shows and sport performances (We turned 20 of our dogs into show champions. Since 1996, our shelties have been permanent participants at the Agility-World-championships, including titles for the team as well as podium positions in individual. One of our dogs also had TV appearances because of dog-dancing).
For the last 12 years, Border Collies and from 2005 onwards, a Magyar Agar have become part of our family.
Since 1990, I have been a member of committee and general secretary of the Club "Collie et Bergers Britannique Club Luxembourg". In 2007, this club was renamed into "Bergers Britannique et Australian Shepherd Club Luxembourg". Today I am president of the Club.
In 1996, I came to be a specialist for British Herders. Later on, I also became a judge for the groups 1, 4, 5, 10 and Great Danes.
So far, I have gathered judging experience at numerous national and international shows across Europe, including important international Winner Shows, such as the FCI-European Dog-Show in Hungary and FCI-Centenary-Winner Show in Germany.

Mikael Nilsson – Sverige
Breeder of all sizes of poodles since 1993. World renowned kennel Kudos. Groomer of all breeds however mainly poodles. FCI dog show judge since 2004, now for about 60 breeds.
Education through seminars, classes, work shops and privat training in all aspects of breeding, grooming, judging and handling of all breeds. Mainly in Sweden but in all Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Have also had a few seminars in Poland and Japan.
Managing the two combined swedish kennels Kudos and Callevys with the two main breeds poodles (all sizes) and pomeranians, and also afghan hounds, pekingese, papillons, chihuahuas and chow chows. Work included managing the kennels, planning breeding, grooming, handling at shows.
Licensed 2004 for poodles and gradually extended to 28 breeds (feb 2016). Originally from the Norwegian Kennel Club and transferred to the Swedish Kennel Club in 2006. Licensed as an FCI judge but was also approved by the American Kennel Club in 2010, judging number 93076. Approved also by The Kennel Club (United Kingdom) to judge poodles with Challenge Certificate in 2013.

Important dogs and wins:
• Ch Topscore Contradiction, white standard poodle, BIS winner at the two biggest and most important shows in 2002, Crufts and the World Show in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Top Dog All Breeds in Norway 2002, Best in Show at The Collare D’Oro in Milan 2002, Best in Show at Stockholm International in 2002 and 2004. Stockholm International R-BIS in 2000.
• Ch Kudos The Knockout, black miniature poodle, Group-winner at the World Show in Dortmund, Germany in 2003. Top Dog All Breeds in Sweden 2003 and in Norway 2004.
• Ch Abica’s Miles Ahead, white standard poodle. Top Dog All Breeds in Denmark in 2012 and 2013. BIS at Denmarks biggest shows in Herning in 2012 and at both shows in Herning 2013. Group winner at Swedens biggest show in Stockholm International. Represented Denmark at the World Challenge in Orlando 2012 and made it to the finals.

Gabriele Schröter – Tyskland
Born in Hannover, Germany, I grew up in Canada’s East. When my family returned to Germany, I finished school and studied English and Latin in Cologne to become a teacher, but first teaching German in Scotland for a year. As soon as I was married I finally got a dog – that I had been wishing for ever since I was a child. It was a British Afghan Hound. A bitch followed, from whom we later bred a lovely litter from a beautiful Katwiga dog. Showing, coursing, racing followed - and an ever growing interest in sighthounds – all of them! We shared our lives – apart from the Afghan Hounds - with an Ibizan, a Pharaoh Hound, a White Swiss Shepherd (especially for the children!), and now with two Cirnechi dell’Etna.
In 1984 I became a judge for Afghan Hounds and Salukis, the other breeds followed over the years, completing the FCI sighthound group 10 (+ the so-called Mediterraneans of FCI group 5) in 2013, judging in many countries, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Apart from activities in the German Sighthound Breeding and Sporting Association (DWZRV) in many different functions (e.g. breed warden, consultant for the Mediterranean Breeds on the Breeding Commission) dog behavior and drawing and painting are my other passions, and sighthounds inspire much of my art work.